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30 November 2009
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What is High Definition?

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Boy does this make for some great discussions on the boards and mailing lists. Even technical folks seem to have strong feelings that conflict with each other. Seems the actual definition of “High Definition” is up for debate.
Let’s get the basics out of …

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30 November 2009
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Roku Rocks!

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I have to admit that I’ve loved my Roku box from the day it arrived. I placed my order through Netflix the day it came on the market over a year ago. Since then my whole family has enjoyed watching Netflix movies and TV …

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23 November 2009
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What would Oprah do?

Well, it looks like we’re about to find out. At the ripe young age of 55, she’s managed to generate over $3 billion in net worth, give or take. Her brand is a powerhouse. She has the eyeballs and the hearts of millions of people. And …

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19 November 2009
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Watch the NFL, even if you don’t like football

If you want to get a glimpse into the future of broadcast television, keep an eye on the NFL. What you’ll notice over the next few years are more and more opportunities to access live and on-demand video through their website, Why would the NFL prefer that …

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17 November 2009
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Codecs, Containers and Players

Is it a Quicktime file, or an MOV? Is it an h.264 file, or is it an F4V? If I have a file in i-Tunes, it must be an MP3 or MP4, right? If you spend any time working with video files, you know what I’m talking …

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