Why did I choose online video as my profession?

HTML. Javascript. SQL. Cold Fusion. CMS. Flash. CSS. PHP. Video. It seemed like a natural progression.  As a user, I know I want to WATCH the owner’s manual, the chef prepare a meal and the setup instructions for my new Cuisinart. I want to SEE and TALK TO my family. The web has been so text heavy for so long, its only a matter of time before its primarily driven by video.

Around the world we see that television, radio, newspapers, and magazines command the big bucks in regards to advertising revenues. Where does the Internet rank in the dollars being spent? Dead last in this list.  How long is THAT going to last?

Video over the Internet is changing everything. Phone calls, owner’s manuals, recipes, customer support, conference calls, entertainment, family trees, yard sales. Get it from your desktop, laptop, cell phone, iPod or television. Take it with you. Give it to a friend. Save it. Pass it along to your children.

Productivity is increasing. customers are happier. Families are closer. Learning is more fun.

I don’t want to be a part of this revolution, I want to help ignite it. Please check back as I discuss video strategies, workflows, technologies and innovations.

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   15 September 2009

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