Pre-roll Video Ads – Do Viewers Wait For the Content?

If you’ve ever clicked to a video clip on CNN, Fox, or MSNBC you have probably seen a pre-roll ad.   Did you watch the ad, and wait to see the clip you wanted to see?   According to, you probably did.   And that may be the result of the fact that you chose to watch the video clip.    Relevance is the key.   If you’re on a sports related site, and  you see an ad for the US Open, you might just find the ad entertaining.   If you’re watching a video about baby eating habits, and you see an ad for an organic baby food, you might even click the companion banner ad to find out more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several companies that have a very defined niche.  With their niche they tend to find the advertisers that want to be in front of their loyal members.   Nothing new.  Think Nascar.   Putting your brand on a particular driver’s car can get you unwaivering loyalty.   Getting your organic baby food in front of folks watching a video on healthy baby diets could be huge.   I’ve seen this in practice, where the advertiser is very excited about the viewer demographic and hits a home run in regards to verifiable data. reports that about 70% of viewers sit through the entire ad in order to get to the content.   In addition, they report that 1% of these video ads had successful click-throughs.  This information was provided to by

You can read the entire article here:

An interesting video from regarding online video ads.

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   21 October 2009

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