Sunday Night Football over the Internet

Make no mistake. The Internet and video go together like peanut butter and chocolate. The question is, how will web video generate revenue? Pay per view, sponsored programming, traditional video ads, and product placement are among the ideas that are being tested. If Sunday Night Football can make some money showing the game over the Internet each week, we’ll be a lot closer to opening the flood gates for advertising dollars in this market.

According to Beet.TV, Sunday Night Football over the Internet is registering extraordinarily high “engagement” with users, meaning time watching and interacting, is 10 times normal with 50 minute sessions per viewer on average. Whether this is because the quality is awesome, the features are unique, or the fact that this is a free NFL broadcast, is still up for debate. The next broadcast is on Sunday November 8th @ 8pm between Philly and Dallas.

The NBC website illustrates the features included in these live broadcast: replay, pause, a variety of cameras, instant replay, slow motion, play markers – take a look. Amazing. It even boasts HD!

It will be interesting to watch the progression, and whether NBC sticks with the web format in the near term. According to the New York Daily News, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” is the most expensive show for advertisers on prime-time network TV — at least until “American Idol” returns early next year. According to the annual Advertising Age survey released this morning, “Sunday Night Football” runs $339,700 for 30 seconds. That’s down from $434,792 last season, reflecting the tough advertising climate these days.

Can NBC make money with their online broadcasts? The streaming media world is on the edge of our seats waiting on that report!

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Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   29 October 2009

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