Live Broadcast from the Austin City Limits @ SXSW

I had the distinct pleasure to not only attend, but to help broadcast, a concert from the Austin City Limits at SXSW last Sunday, March 14. The venue only holds about 350 people (including the bands!), which gave the event a very intimate feel. Attendees included folks from Google, Facebook, Blog Ads and many more. The production quality was AWESOME, which came through on both the Flash broadcast and the iPhone broadcast. Seeing such a high-quality iPhone video feed in real time during the event (though delayed a few seconds as a result of latency) was very cool. Live TV in your hand.

All the prep work paid off. Internet throughput was awesome, signal we received from their switcher was very high quality, no problems with the composite (BNC) video / XLR (l/r) audio signals, and all supporting webpages and countdown scripts worked flawlessly. The client was thrilled, as they had an experience with a previous vendor that went off with several hitches – most notably poor quality for the end viewer. We were able to push out four very high-quality streams: 750k, 500k and 300k H.264 Flash streams and one 300k iPhone stream.

With any luck we’ll be back next year!

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   22 March 2010

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