Fun with Video @ the Wanee Festival

I had the great pleasure of joining a few fraternity brothers at the Wanee Festival in Live Oak Florida this year for 3 nights and days of awesome music, lots of laughs, truckloads of beer and quite a few slices of pizza. Headliners included the Allman Brothers (who produce the festival), Widespread Panic, Govt Mule and Susan Tedeschi. Dozens of other bands and acts were also in the lineup including Bob Weir, The Black Keys, Stephen Stills and the Wailers. Oh yeah – can’t forget Parliament. George Clinton rocks.

So I shot a bunch of HD video with my handy-dandy Canon video camera, equipped with a decent microphone and small tripod. As soon as I got home I started capturing the video (pulling it from the tape into my computer) to see how it came out. I use Adobe Premiere (CS3) to capture and edit video, running on a quad-core HP pc with 8GB RAM. The video looked pretty good, but the audio and video were not in synch. Bummer. Back at it the next night – tried capturing again – same problem.

Then I started capturing individual clips, instead of the entire hour of tape. That worked. Video and audio were in synch. Then I output the video 15 different ways (various bitrates, MP4, MOV, M4V, H.264, various dimensions), and each resulting file looks like crap. Muddy, washed out, just plain ugly. Then I tried going straight out to an FLV @ 640×360 – and it looked great. I did use slight color correction afforded in a Premiere drag-and-drop tool, but otherwise the video/audio is untouched.

Most of my clients use Final Cut Pro, and never seem to complain about the quality of their outputs when compared to their full-res timeline. Maybe its the tool, but I’m inclined to think its user-error on some level that continues to lead to my synch and quality issues. More to come on this after I pull out a few more hairs over the next few weeks trying to figure this out.

If you’d like to see some of the footage I shot, click the image below or visit the “Some Video” webpage.

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   5 May 2010

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