Go Live. Go Social. Go UStream!

You might have seen Charlie Sheen lose his proverbial marbles on UStream.com, the YouTube of live streaming. With very little technical knowledge and a webcam, anyone can have their own show on UStream.com – for free. It works on the PC/Mac, on the iPad, iPhone, Android – phenomenal considering the cost. Overall you get all the nuts and bolts you need to create your own broadcast network: streaming publishing points (the “phone number” you dial in from your computer to connect); the live player; customize-able on-demand library; metrics; and a variety of widgets and gadgets.

The site has been white-listed by all the social networks, meaning you can embed your stream directly into your Facebook page. When you create your free account you’ll get quite a few free features to get the social buzz going. Twitter integration, live chat, Facebook, MySpace, AIM and more can be a part of your live broadcast. This is no small feat – UStream has invested quite a bit into these social features.

So why is UStream.com free? Advertisements. During your broadcast you’ll see ads at the bottom of the screen. Don’t want to see these ads? No problem! The “Starter” package gets you 100 ad-free viewer hours and $.50 for each additional hour (as of this writing) @ $99 per month. The “Standard” package gets you 4,000 ad-free hours and $.25 for each additional hour @ $499 per month. The “Premium” package gets you 9,000 hours of ad-free viewer hours and $.20 for each additional hour @ $999 per month. Finally, the “Unlimited” package gets you just that – though no pricing is shown on the site.

You might also find a few broadcasters that you enjoy following. You’ll find a ton of live broadcasting on the site – any time of the night or day you can visit the site and see something live. From webcams pointed at birds to international programming to radio rebroadcasting, you’re sure to find something (at least remotely) cool if you poke around.

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   6 July 2011

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