The Roku 2 Review

The “over the top” video market is fragmented, and the aggregators of video content haven’t quite figured out how to squeeze every dime out of their viewing audience (trust me, nothing wrong with that!). In my mind I’m getting more for my money with “over the top” content (nothing wrong with that either). Its coming over the Internet (fixed cost) – so there is no additional charge for all the enjoyment we reap from our “pipe”. Netflix, for instance, is pushing quite a few bits and bytes to our house for a fixed fee ($9.99, and we get 1 DVD at a time). Its the only paid service we use on the Roku. When I connect to Netflix through the Roku – poof – Netflix is on my flat screen tv. The video looks awesome. Everything else is free. If you like music, fire up Pandora. If you want home movies, fire up your YouTube channel. If you have a ton of time on your hands, add the channel. Tens of thousands of audio and video files, including old TV shows.

A quick overview of the new Roku. Highlights – support for 1080p on Netflix, and a “Wii-like” remote control and a library of games (some free, some not free).

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   4 August 2011

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