YouTube: Over 1 Billion Served! (every day!)

Way back when you could pass a McDonalds and see the count on the sign out front that showed how many millions of burgers they had served. Eventually this count was replaced by “Millions and Millions Served” which I believe is now “Billions and Billions Served.”

So here comes YouTube with the announcement that it serves over 1 billion videos every day, with about 10 billion each month coming from the US alone.  That’s about 3 videos for every man, woman and child in the US every month!  I’m sure McDonald’s would relish those numbers!

According to Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-Founder of YouTube, they started out with three basic tenets in the world of online video:

  • Speed matters: Videos should load and play back quickly.
  • Clip culture is here to stay: Short clips are voraciously consumed and perfect for watching a wide variety of content.
  • Open platforms open up possibility: Content creation isn’t our business; it’s yours. We wanted to create a place where anyone with a video camera, a computer, and an Internet connection could share their life, art, and voice with the world, and in many cases make a living from doing so.

I guess it depends on where you’re coming from, but I personally don’t relish the short clips of someone on a webcam, even if its really funny.  The typical fair at YouTube seems to lean that direction.   Hopefully that will change over time.

Here is the entire blog by Chad Hurley:

Ten billion to one country. In a month. Thats a lot of bits and bytes I’ll tell ya. If the average viewer sees 5 MB worth of video (a minute or two), that’s 50 million gigabytes of data transfer. In a month. Slicing it a different way, if each view represents 1 minute of viewing time, then ten billion views represents about 19,000 years of combined viewing time. Or 19,000 people watching for a solid year with no sleep or breaks. Mind boggling.


“August set another record for online video viewing, and YouTube crossed the 10 billion U.S. video views threshold, according to comScore’s August results. After YouTube, which had 121 million unique U.S. visitors in August, Microsoft Sites was a distant second with 546 million videos viewed and 54 million unique viewers.

Viacom Digital, Hulu and Fox International rounded out the top five sites in that order.  For the month, comScore reported that 161 million unique viewers in the U.S. watched a whopping 25.6 billion online videos, both record performances for the industry.”

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   12 October 2009

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