My TV Wish List

Because I am in the business of delivering video over the Internet, I do know the answers to many of these questions. As a consumer, it does not change my opinion that things need to change. Here is my wish list.

1. I want to be able to watch live TV wherever I am, on whatever device I have with me. When I travel to Japan, which I do a couple times a year, I can only find CNN with Japanese language overdubs. Traveling anywhere overseas means I can’t watch football, baseball or even the national news.

2. Please give me a better guide. With thousands of channels, some in HD some in SD, its overwhelming. I watch the same 10 – 12 channels most of the time, and granted maybe there is a way to filter for my favorite channels, but its not quick and easy. As a matter of fact when I have tried this in the past, it has been painful to undo my work and find a program on another channel outside of my favorites. The GUIDE needs work on every provider I have experienced.

3. Sports. If I want to watch the Atlanta Braves on my iPad, in my house – ain’t happening. My current provider only allows me to watch a small subset of live programming on my iPad – and that does not include live Braves games. If I subscribe to, I can watch all games outside of my home market on my iPad. But not my my local team. I have to watch them on TV. Unless I’m traveling. Then I can get the Braves on my iPad. Unless I’m out of the country. Then its a no–go. And my favorite football team – the Redskins – I have to go to a bar to watch them. Unless I want to put a dish on my roof and change TV service providers. I am a fan – let me watch my team. I promise to watch the commercials!

4. Why do I need a box for every TV? Smart TVs seem to have most of guts needed to decode the signal and even store programming – why can’t a new Samsung come with an ATT Uverse app, or Comcast ready?

5. Intuitive TV. I know this falls at my feet, but I only record a small number of programs. Why can’t my provider – who knows exactly what I watch – provide suggested viewing in an easy-to-understand list? If “The Holy Grail” is coming on, I want to watch it or at least record it. Pull out the nuggets and either record them automatically or let me know they’re coming soon. I remember using something along these lines when I had my first TEVO, but haven’t seen anything similar in years.

6. Volume. I know there has been work done in this area, but its still a problem. Kids are asleep, and we’re trying to hear the whispering so we crank the volume. Then some explosion rocks the living room and blasts bass throughout the house. I love great surround sound, and also love to crank it up, but there should be some sort of setting that keeps the volume audible during quiet scenes, and not window-shattering when the action picks up.

7. Aereo. This was an awesome service. I could watch all local channels wherever I was, on whatever device I had with me. This included local sports, news and much more. I was in Paris last year during a crazy ice storm in Atlanta, and used Aereo to watch the local Atlanta news to see how things were going. I was in my home last year when the power went out. Using my cell phone’s connection and Aereo, I could watch the local news to see what was going on. I’m sure the Supreme Court had its reasons, but I really miss that service.

Originally TV was free over the air, and was advertising supported. Then cable came along with HBO and allowed me to pay for TV without the commercials. Now I pay for the TV, bundle it with other services, AND watch the ads. But that does not seem to be enough. Why can’t the TV service providers give the people what they want?

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   28 September 2014

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