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DSC01888dChuck Ebbets, our Editor in Chief,  is a web professional and technology evangelist.  Since 2001 he has focused on the delivery of rich media, primarily live and on-demand video.    “We all knew that video would take off over the web one day,” Chuck says of his early days building websites, “though initially we were seeing very choppy video the size of a postage stamp.”  

“We have continued to see the video cameras getting better, editing software getting cheaper, and codecs becoming more powerful.  Its been obvious for a while that the success of video over the Internet would depend on the last mile – getting good throughput to the homes and businesses around the  world.  We are now seeing the explosion first hand as broadband becomes ubiquitous.”

In 1999 Chuck built and launched VirginiaEquestrian.com, an equestrian platform that has since expanded to Maryland and Kentucky.   For over 15 years the platform has continued to grow in popularity, currently serving over 1,000,000 webpages every month to over 20,000 unique visitors.  The platform has over 8,500 users who have created accounts and regularly add listings to the site.

“Throughout my career I’ve seen the value of aggregating content. Whether on a website, extranet, intranet, blog, newsletter – if you can define your audience, and aggregate relevant content they want to see, you’ll find value. If the audience creates and self-manages the content – the potential is staggering. How you capitalize on this a question of strategy. In my mind Craigslist, Wikipedia and Ebay are the all-stars in this regard, though its hard to even compare them from a strategy perspective.”

From 1995 through 2004 Chuck was a web consultant, web programmer and database administrator building sites and web applications for South Georgia Community College, Albany Technical College, the town of Warrenton Virginia, the county of Fauquier County Virginia, the Notre Dame Executive MBA program, Nextel and over 300 small to medium sized businesses and government agencies.   In 2004 Chuck joined Multicast Media Networks, LLC, a company focused on the delivery of rich media, specifically live and on-demand video over the Internet.   He held positions in sales, project management, client management and Vice President of Client Services. Chuck currently serves as Director of Channel Development for Piksel, Inc. in Atlanta.

You can find Chuck’s profile on LinkedIn.com @ http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/ChuckEbbets

On a personal level, Chuck is proudest of his two daughters Peyton and Elsie, who are 7 and 9 years old.   He grew up in Virginia just outside of Washington, DC and currently lives in Atlanta.  He has hiked about half of the Appalachian Trail, has run 4 marathons including the Marine Corp Marathon in DC, and is an avid golfer.    He loves to cook, spends lots of time in the garden and earned his MBA in the Management of Technology from Georgia Tech in December 2008.  

Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   16 October 2009


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