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  1. Multi-CDN is Firmly Established; Edge Compute Has Yet to Take Hold - The findings of the Content Delivery and Edge Compute Trends survey, in partnership with StackPath, reveal an industry in transition.
  2. Review: Moscow State University Video Quality Measurement Tool - If you're serious about experimenting with different codecs and/or encoding parameters, MSU's Video Quality Measurement Tool is an essential tool, and version 13 brings some welcome improvements.
  3. Managing Inputs And Outputs For Video Conferencing Platforms and Webcasts - The target audience for this article is anyone who is interested in knowing what gear and skill sets are required to produce a virtual live-stream event and experience.
  4. How to Produce Remote Interviews With Telestream Rendezvous in Wirecast 14.1 - Through its Rendezvous feature, Tele?stream's Wirecast was one of the first video mixers to enable completely customizable multiple-party conferencing in 2017. Telestream has upgraded the feature's functionality in several subtle but critical ways, which I'll discuss in this article.
  5. The Streaming Toolbox: Push Live, MediaMelon, and Ryff - This issue, I'm focusing on products from the world of advertising. Push Live is used to deliver live broadcasts to multiple destinations while providing customized branding for monetization on different platforms or in different regions. MediaMelon's Smart?Sight for Ads delivers detailed analytics and QoE for ad-supported content. While both of these products respond to existing market needs, the last product?Ryff?sets out to create a whole new market altogether.
  6. How to Simplify Complex Remote Productions With NDI, Microsoft Teams, and vMix - At present, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are the only two videoconferencing apps that support NDI. We have built our remote streaming solutions around Teams. Here's how it works.
  7. Going Pro with Remote Production - You're here. The guests are there. The audience is everywhere else. Here is an article that's chock-full of tips, tricks, and links for making it all come together in your latest remote production.
  8. Investing in AI Is Just as Important as Content for Streaming Services - When it comes to giving viewers what they want and encouraging them to stick around, robust and effective AI strategies can play a crucial role
  9. ttconv Simplifies Subtitling and Captioning - Thanks to ttconv, a new format converter, adding timed text to video is becoming simpler and more efficient, and Facebook is already embracing it
  10. The State of Enterprise Video 2021 - Enterprise video is suddenly more important than entertainment video, and companies that want to stay ahead of the game would do well to seize the opportunity

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  1. Ad Fraud, Viewability Are Still Key Concerns for Advertisers: Essence’s Adam Gerber
  2. Bringing Addressable To Local TV: Premion’s Vilade
  3. AI Helps Brands Re-Focus On Creative: IBM’s Redmond
  4. Vevo Partners Up To Make IP The New Prime-Time: Christensen
  5. Local TV Is Alive With Value: MadHive’s Helfgott
  6. ‘We Kicked Off Our First Meeting for Upfront 2022’: Disney’s Lisa Valentino
  7. On the #BeetCast: Dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen on the Imperative around “Meaningful Media”
  8. ANA Returns to In-Person Events this Week with the Annual Media Conference
  9. SMI Releases Pricing Intelligence Tools for Unified View of CPMs
  10. CTV & Open Internet Can Thrive In New World Of Identity: Trade Desk’s Foyle

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