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  1. Review: Epiphan LiveScrypt - LiveScrypt combines a hardware appliance for audio input and a cloud application for transcription to deliver a polished, inexpensive, easy-to-use real-time transcription solution
  2. 5G's Future Is Broken. Here's Why We Need 6G - InterDigital, one of the chief architects of generational telecoms developments, says true immersive video experiences are a bust at 5G
  3. Review: Wirecast Gear 420 - In 4 days of testing with multiple severalhour productions, the Wirecast Gear 420 proved stable and responsive even when pushed to the edge.
  4. Solving the OTT Worfklow Puzzle - With so many moving parts in the streaming workflow, are best practices even possible? Five industry leaders share their insights into how to make all of the pieces fit
  5. Adventures in Remote Production - In the time of COVID-19, remote production has become a necessity. Here's a look at how four live streaming operations have dealt with the changes
  6. 8K: History Repeats Itself - With production challenge solved, smarter AI upscaling and enhanced codec technologies will enable 8K streaming to the home?inevitably.
  7. AV1 Has Arrived: Comparing Codecs from AOMedia, Visionular, and Intel/Netflix - Within 24 months, hardware support appeared, encoding became affordable, and AV1 became a much more realistic competitor to HEVC. Here's how the currently available AV1 codecs measure up.
  8. Low Latency HLS Spec Nears Finalization - Beyond the Pantos spec and into DASH, LL-HLS finds traction and a potential tie-in with CMAF
  9. Sky: "It's All Digital Now" - It's time to get beyond the notion that it's pay TV vs OTT, argued executives from Sky, ViacomCBS, YouTube, and Roku at a "virtual IBC" event hosted by Bitmovin
  10. The Algorithm Series: Video Player Performance - Multiple algorithms for encoding, transfer, and playback intersect in the end user's player. So how can you make the numbers work in your favor?

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  1. Indie Voters Are Now Paying Attention: Xandr’s Charlotte Lipman
  2. ‘We’re Breaking Silos for Audience-Based Buying’: OpenAP’s David Levy
  3. DSPs Are Helping TV Ad Buying Become Agile: Pivotal’s Levine
  4. How MVPDs Will Extend Addressable Ads Nationwide: Comcast’s Larry Allen
  5. ‘TV Will Never Be the Same’: Comscore’s Carol Hinnant
  6. Geofencing’s Power Grows with Addressable TV : Propellant’s Brent LeVasseur
  7. The Evolution Of CTV Ad Measurement: InMobi’s Barthur
  8. ‘The OTT Election’: SpotX’s Welch On Connected Campaigning
  9. Marketers Are Ready for Pilots of Addressable Ads: Discovery’s Sam Garfield
  10. Beyond Verified, OTT Needs Real Measurement: Essence’s Fisher

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