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  1. The Streaming Toolbox: FILMIC Pro, Bitcentral FUEL, Touchstream VirtualNOC - This installment of The Streaming Toolbox is all about remote control, for mobile devices, advertising, and network operations
  2. The Algorithm Series: Digital Rights Management (DRM) - The math behind the magic of protecting live and on-demand streaming video content
  3. How Does VVC Measure Up Right Now? - VVC today can be both useful and usable; let's hope that VVC IP owners can formulate a royalty policy that delivers the same.
  4. How Can Direct-to-Consumer Platforms Better Protect Their Exclusive Regional Content? - Staggered release schedules, the explosion of direct-to-consumer offerings, the cost of multiple subscriptions, and the ease of finding illegal or unlicensed content online is resulting in growing amounts of piracy. A multi-pronged approach to combating piracy is necessary to prevent lost revenue, job cuts, and poor brand association.
  5. The Algorithm Series: Live Event Scaling - There are four key delivery methods for live content, and understanding the math behind them can help decision makers determine which is the best for their applications.
  6. Riding the 5G Wave - Carriers are moving to standalone networks to fulfill 5G's true potential, but it remains a work in progress
  7. Review: Epiphan LiveScrypt - LiveScrypt combines a hardware appliance for audio input and a cloud application for transcription to deliver a polished, inexpensive, easy-to-use real-time transcription solution
  8. 5G's Future Is Broken. Here's Why We Need 6G - InterDigital, one of the chief architects of generational telecoms developments, says true immersive video experiences are a bust at 5G
  9. ATSC 3.0: The Future Is Now - The broadcast industry has been looking for ways to compete with OTT, and ATSC 3.0 gives it its last, best chance.
  10. Review: Wirecast Gear 420 - In 4 days of testing with multiple severalhour productions, the Wirecast Gear 420 proved stable and responsive even when pushed to the edge.

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  1. ‘No Going Back’ to Content-First Targeting in Sports: Effectv’s James Rooke
  2. Xandr’s 2021: Third-Phase Unification & Simplification, SVP Hoffert Says
  3. Rebooting Wanamaker: TV Can Now Prove Effectiveness, Ampersand’s Matero Says
  4. The #BeetCast w/ IAB’s David Cohen: Leading Through Extreme Disruption & Big Plans for a Virtual ALM with Dr. Anthony Fauci
  5. National Addressable Is A Game-Changer: ViacomCBS’ Dean
  6. Innovation, Diverse Content Support Growth of Streaming Audio Ads: TargetSpot’s Dominick Milano
  7. Sports Marketers Raised Bar on Creativity, Innovation in 2020: Omnicom’s Tom McGovern
  8. Convergence of Linear TV, Digital Video Is Key Goal: Xandr’s Christina Beaumier
  9. How To Drive CTV Ad Growth: Sling TV’s Tint
  10. Where Addressable TV Fits In: Dentsu’s Stockton

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